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Get all of our requirements together for one low price -- a $120 value!

If you need most or all of our requirements templates then this product is for you. We have collected together in this one workbook all of the other templates for your use. The workbook includes:


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  • Finance and Accounting Requirements Template
  • Human Resources Requirements Template
  • Inventory and Warehousing Requirements Template
  • Sales and CRM requirements Template
  • Corporate Management Requirements Template
  • Consulting and Staffing Requirements Template
  • Technical Systems Features Requirements Template

All of these great templates are collected in a single workbook to cover the full range of CRM requirements. All together there are more than 1,900 individual requirements defined, a perfect starting point for your requirements definition project!

Want to Learn More?

These templates and requirements workbooks will provide you with a solid foundation for building your RFP.

However, if you really want to understand the process of writing an RFP in detail, including the crucial issue of evaluating bids, you may want to consider our online RFP training classes.

Our "online classroom" software allows you to get the skills you need from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can see and interact with the instructor, so you can ask questions about your specific situation or industry, or clarify any points you want to understand in more detail.

We also teach classes on the following subjects (click the links to find out more):

Project Management: The Earned Value Approach

Cost Estimating for Government and Competitive Bid Projects

We offer substantial group discounts, and if you have a larger group we are happy to set up classes at a time of your choosing, which can be tailored to your organization's unique training needs. If you have any other questions, please contact us. We should be able to accommodate most any request!

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