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If you are serious about winning government contracts, you must learn how to build and display a comprehensive estimate. All large and small business owners who want to be a part of government projects should attend this class and learn the same techniques the big companies use. You can never learn enough about estimating, so anyone engaged in the estimating practice should attend to learn the numerous tips tricks and techniques that will be presented in this class.

Even those who don’t want to pursue a government contract should attend this class to learn structured estimating techniques that will help them refine their estimating process and sharpen their ability to win more contracts and be able to perform as estimated.

What You will Learn

  • How does the Government view costs in the contracting structure?
  • How do Management Reserves and Fees fit into Government projects?
  • How to critically read and analyze the RFP for scoping
  • How to perform a quantity take-off and compare to RFP quantities
  • How to format and develop your cost estimates
  • What are the components used for labor estimating and productivity
  • How to develop labor cost elements in a composite wage rate
  • How to build up material composite rates to include wastes and shipping
  • Why to use subcontractors and how to represent subcontract costs
  • How to estimate both rented and owned equipment costs
  • What are all the types of overhead and burdens to use for estimates
  • Where to show and use burdens and overheads
  • How to summarize your estimates and check them
  • How to develop parametric estimating factors and how to use them

Your Instructor

Keith Custer, PE, has over 30 years of consulting and management experience and is an expert in project management and the use of integrated cost and schedule techniques. Mr. Custer is an electrical engineer and has been involved in project management ranging from nuclear power electrical systems and controls to office telephony systems, international voice and data communications systems, computer systems, custom software development, and major package software applications like Financials, CIS, HR, CRM, MMIS, PMO, and ERP. His experience spans a wide range of industries including electric power, insurance, financial, retail, manufacturing, health care, and customer service. Mr. Custer has served as CIO, Program Manager, Project Officer, and Project Cost and Schedule Manager for companies such as Bechtel, SWEC, Oracle, Keane, IMRglobal, and Marriott as well as Utilities such as FPL, NUSCO, MPL, Centerior, TECO, PECO, PPL, PSEG, SMUD, and GSU.

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We realize that our live classes may not fit into everyone's busy schedule, or budget. That's why we are excited to now be able offer some of our more popular classes in a pre-recorded version which you can watch right away. You will get the same content as the live class -- though without the ability to interact with the instructor -- for a fraction of the price.

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Our Customers Say...

The instructor spoke clearly, had a good tone and spoke well. Thank you for having me participate in the course.

Shelly K. – Irving Oil
(How to Write an Effective RFP)

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We offer substantial group discounts, and if you have a larger group we are happy to set up classes at a time of your choosing, which can be tailored to your organization's unique training needs. If you have any other questions, please contact us. We should be able to accommodate most any request!

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